Bobby Addresses Accusations That His Girlfriend Is PR Stunt

Bobby Bones has shared in recent weeks the news of his girlfriend along with several posts on social media highlighting the two of them.

This relationship is seemingly different from his others as he has been really open about sharing details with his girlfriend Caitlin, where as in the past it took him months to open up. Bones tributes that to all of his time in therapy. He says he's been putting forth a lot of effort on himself and working to be in a healthy relationship. While he knows that's the truth behind his happiness, it has made some listeners question the validity of the relationship due to the strong differences in his current and past relationships.

A listener reached out to Amy via Instagram DM (direct message) to ask if Bones new girlfriend was just a publicity stunt and not truly real. Bones addressed the message on The Bobby Bones Show today (February 18) sharing that the relationship is definitely no PR stunt and he is just really happy right now. He continued by sharing that he has no reason for the relationship to be a stunt, there isn't anything going on in his life professionally that would ask for that. He also shared again that his continued efforts in therapy have allowed for this relationship to feel as happy and open as it seems with the posts on social media.

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