Bobby Shares Awkward Valentine's Day Dinner Situation

Bobby Bones spent Valentine's Day with his girlfriend Caitlin in Nashville. After his big surprise for the holiday the weekend before, the two just planned to go out to dinner for an evening out together.

When Bones and Caitlin arrived at dinner they were taken to a table with about 10 other people. They were seated and Bones thought it was a mistake. He didn't understand why he was seated with other people and it wasn't a romantic setting. He says when he made the reservation online it didn't say anything about a special seating situation. After asking the server, Bones found out that the reservation he made was part of a big wine tasting and a special thing for Valentine's Day. Although he wasn't thrilled about the whole situation, Caitlin and he stayed. She thought the whole thing was pretty funny and ended up making some friends.

Between the awkwardness of sitting with a bunch of strangers and having new wine for each dish served, Bones says the whole dinner made him really uncomfortable. He even added that he actually paid for the dinner online and didn't know. So at the end of the dinner, they waited 30 minutes for a check to come only to find out that they didn't have to wait at all.

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