Nurse Bobo Shares The Dangers Of Screen Time & Not Getting Routine Sleep

Nurse Bobo

Nurse Adam Bobo came on The Bobby Bones Show to talk with his friends and share the importance of sleep as we continue into the holiday season.

Bobo shared with Bobby Bones that enough research has been done to show that 8 to 10 hours of sleep a night is the optimal amount of time one should be getting. Despite what your body may feel like, Bobo said that catching up on sleep doesn't actually help you. It may feel like it helps your body, or you may feel better for the day, but that lifestyle of missing sleep and catching up on sleep doesn't help one long term.

Just by pulling one all nighter, Bobo says it takes 14 days to catch your body up to the sleep lost. But not only is it catching up on sleep getting to our bodies, screen time is just as bad.

Screen time truly affects us before bed time, if you're using your phone or television 2 hours before bed, you're decreasing the melatonin in your body, which makes an individual have low quality of sleep. But not only does screen time affect our sleep, being on phones or television for over 3 hours at a time can truly affect one's quality of life due to what the screens are translating to the chemicals in our brain and body.

The best thing Bobo says to do is get yourself in a nighttime routine for better sleep and avoid lots of time in front of screens.

Photo: Getty Images