Eddie Attempted 30-Yard Field Goal For New Shoes For His Kids

Talking too much around The Bobby Bones Show can get you in trouble. Mostly because something from your past can sneak up to come back as a challenge on the show. That's exactly true for Eddie. Bobby Bones and Eddie were hanging out and Eddie shared that not only was he a 3-star recruit for football in high school, but also that he nearly walked on as a kicker for his college team.

Bones didn't really believe him, so the challenge came up. Bones challenged Eddie to kick a 30-yard field goal on a standard size field. This morning (November 27) Eddie went after the challenge at the Tennessee Titans practice facility. He had two attempts, one with Lunchbox holding the bar, another with an official holder. With both kicks, Eddie still didn't make it through the field goal posts.

Both attempts weren't even close to hitting, one didn't even make it off the ground. So it's safe to say that either Eddie really let go of his athletic career, or he never was going to walk on in college.

Since Eddie lost, now he has to hold a sign up for one hour on the street that reads "I'm Not An Athlete" and shave three lines in one of his eyebrows. If Eddie would have won, Bones would have bought all new shoes for Eddie's kids. Eddie's sign on the street ordeal will happen after Thanksgiving.