Dustin Lynch Confirms Girlfriend, Talks Long Distance Relationship

Dustin Lynch is about to drop his new record Tullahoma on January 17th. Shortly after he's headed out on the "Stay Country Tour" with special guest Travis Denning. Lynch confessed on The Bobby Bones Show that the track list for his new album is still fluid, but as of now, the record will have 11 songs.

Growing up Lynch shared that he was a preppy kid and a golfer for most of his years. But, also Lynch was in a pop rock band. The group got their name "Fifteen Rain" after one of the guys in the band cheated on a pop quiz and that was the answer and question number he was cheating on. The group broke up before college, but got back together for one charity show freshman year of college. Despite that, they're all still friends. The old band members went out to see Lynch on the "Very Hot Summer Tour" and they all talked about getting back together for a reunion show.

While on the road, Lynch is starting out his shows with "Seein' Red," but his song "Good Girl" always seems to get the crowd going the most.

In his personal life though, Lynch recently posted on his Instagram from the 2019 CMA Awards with a girl. Confirming to Bobby Bones, Lynch said it is his girlfriend and they've been together for awhile, they're doing the whole long distance relationship thing. He spent the week after CMA Awards in California with her and he said they are "blessed to have the means to get to see each other often." Lynch went further to say that she doesn't really care about his "stardom" and just always brings the party on the road with her when she comes to see him on tour.