Johannes Hunter Jewelers Proposal Re-do

Johannes Hunter Jewelers Proposal Re-Do Talkback Contest

Y96.9 has teamed up with Johannes Hunter Jewelers to give you a proposal redo! Was your proposal...the worst? We wanna hear alllll about it, and if yours really is the worst, Johannes Hunter Jewelers will give you and your love a Valentines redo with a $5000 dollar diamond ring and a romantic proposal redo! Just open up the free iHeart Radio app and leave us a message using the Talkback Button, tell us about your proposal fail, and we'll pick a winner!

Talkback Button Instructions

1. Tap the microphone button and record a voice message up to 30 seconds (First-time users may be required to grant microphone access)

2. Select “Try again” and repeat step 2, or select “Send”

3. Voice recording is instantly sent to the station!

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