Thomas Rhett Shares His Thoughts On An Entire Album Inspired By Parenthood

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Everyone knows Thomas Rhett is a proud father of four, so it probably isn’t surprising that his daughters often help inspire his music.

In fact, Rhett has recently mulled over the idea of an entire album about parenting.

Rhett and his wife, Lauren Akins, are parents to Willa Gray (6), Ada James (4), Lennon Love (2), and Lillie Carolina, who was born in November. Rhett has previously shared that his daughters often help him determine the best dance-worthy songs to share with fans, and has played an unreleased song on his social media channels called “Years Are Short,” because he “thought a parent could use this today haha,” he said in the caption. As he sang about the busy parenting life, his daughters fittingly called out “Daddy!” in the background.

The “Slow Down Summer” singer just released the first of two albums set to release this year (Where We Started debuted on April 1, and will be followed by Country Again: Side B in the fall). Though there are no immediate plans in the works to record an entire album dedicated to parenthood, that doesn’t mean that the idea has never crossed his mind. He recently explained, in a statement shared by his record label:

“I posted one thing on Instagram last year, of this made up idea of an album called Parenting, I think it was called, or Dadding. But, kinda just encouraged a lot of fans to send me titles of what they think would go on this, and there was like five or 6,000 comments of just things that were cracking me up. I feel like that’d be super fun, you know, just to write from a super self-deprecating point of view of how challenging it is just to parent. Cause I feel like there’s a lot of people out there that would really enjoy listening to a piece of music like that. I think it’d be fun to write an album called Dadding. That’s something that would be intriguing to me, and it also sounds really fun.”

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