Carly Pearce Shares What She's Manifesting As She Tours With Kenny Chesney

Photo: Getty Images

Carly Pearce is manifesting the perfect summer as she hits the road with country hitmaker Kenny Chesney on the “Here And Now Tour.” Pearce can already tell, after the first few weekends of the tour, that Chesney’s shows are different than any other she’s experienced. Though Pearce marked a successful tour following the release of her smash-hit album, 29: Written In Stone, the venues are a bit different from hers — and they allow new ways to interact with the audience. Pearce said in a recent statement shared by her record label:

“I’m like out there in my little 1500-seat theaters, just singin’ my little songs, tellin’ my stories, wearin’ my big dresses. And this is like thousands and thousands of people, a cat walk that makes me almost die of a heart attack when I get to the end of it. And now, I totally get the No Shoes Nation. I get why he is the mega-touring act that he is. It is a good challenge for me to kind of command such a massive situation. I can’t even call it a room, it’s like a situation.”

The “Never Wanted To Be That Girl” artist knows how she wants her summer to look, and she shared on TikTok that she’s “manifesting” it: “Gonna be a fun one! 🥰” See her manifestation here:

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