Gerard Way Says Reunion Show Was 'Most Fun' He's Had Onstage With My Chem

Since March, The Umbrella Academy star Aidan Gallagher has been sharing a lengthy interview with the comic's creator Gerard Way in bite-sized pieces, and in the latest segment the My Chemical Romance singer reflected on the band's record-breaking reunion show back in 2019.

“That was definitely the most fun I’ve ever had playing on stage with My Chemical Romance, for sure,” he confessed. “Something that I tried to do, and this was conscious, was relinquish some control. I think about control a lot, and in the years since the band broke up I’ve really examined control in all of its forms."

“My goal at The Shrine was not to direct the audience to do anything," Way added. "To let them do what they naturally wanted to do. It became less of working a crowd, as they say, or being an entertainer.”

“If I moved my hand, it was because I wanted to do it. I wasn’t trying to get the audience to wave their hands and stuff. I was just performing," he continued. “To me, the new version of My Chemical Romance and the way I want to go about it is exercising less control.”

As fans know, My Chem's comeback show wasn't supposed to be a one-off. They had big reunion tour plans that got delayed until 2021 and then, more recently, to 2022.

"My Chemical Romance is postponing our 2021 touring plans until 2022," they wrote on social media. "We are deeply sad, but those emotions are only a fraction of the depth of feeling we have all experienced watching the suffering and loss of the past year. We just want to be as sure as we can be that everyone is safe. Refunds will be offered to anyone who wants them. We are sorry if this is disappointing, and we REALLY can’t wait to see you in 2022."

Watch Way's interview with Gallagher above.

Photo: Getty Images