The Guy Who's in Charge of Our Nuclear Bombs Fell for an Instagram Hoax

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Look, it's one thing when your Aunt Sally falls for one of those social media privacy hoaxes.

You know, the one where they share that meaningless post that says, "Facebook / Twitter / Instagram does not have permission to use my blah blah blah."

But we should hold the guy who's in charge of our NUCLEAR ARSENAL to a higher standard.

Energy Secretary RICK PERRY fell for it . . . and after getting roasted, he tried to make a joke out of it. He said, quote, "OMG … seriously, you mean this is fake!! I'll be darned!! First time I've seen anything fake on the internet!!"

Then he deleted the hoax and replaced it with one of those joke versions, where he gave Instagram the right to use stuff like his backstage selfies with Vanilla Ice and the truth behind Area 51.

I'm nervous...

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