Did You Hide From Aliens in a Colorado Dumpster? Someone is Looking For You


You just can't make this kind of stuff up...

As I was doing my weekly check of the "Missed Connections" from Craigslist for my radio show, I came across this gem about people hiding in a dumpster from aliens. But that's just the start. Here is what the entire post reads;

I was running from an alien and I jumped into an alley way dumpster to hide and you were there napping and I woke you up. We shared some something outta your flask and we laughed and talked about comets coming our way and grilled cheese. You called yourself Blump. But I had to go poop so I went to the gas station down the road and when I cam back you were gone. Just wanted to make sure the alien didn't track my scent and find you instead. Hope you are well. Meet me at the dumpster behind Mcdonalds tomorrow for lunch. w4m

You can see that I am not making this up, and respond if it's about you by clicking here.


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