Watch Footage of a Cruise Ship Caught In Heavy Winds From Hurricane Michael


A cruise ship off the coast of Cuba found itself caught up in Hurricane Michael's wind and rain. Footage of Royal Caribbean's Empress of the Sea's voyage through rough seas was posted to Twitter by @SnapperTams. The video was taken sometime between 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m. while the cruise ship was located southwest of Isla de la Juventud. 

A spectacular lightening show is captured by Tams as the cruise ship makes its way along the edge of the storm, trying to wait it out the severe weather conditions  being whipped up by the then Category 1 storm. 

In a follow-up tweet, Tams wrote the ship had to sit and wait for a few hours Tuesday morning while Hurricane Michael moved through the Yucatan Channel. 

Over the last few days, Hurricane Michael intensified into a Category 4 storm that the National Hurricane center is now calling "potentially catastrophic." The hurricane is now projected to make landfall along the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday as a major hurricane. 

This isn't the first major cruise ship to get caught up by a hurricane. In 2016, another Royal Caribbean cruise ship found itself caught up in some rough seas with winds at 160 mph. 



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