Giant Frog Lets Out Loud Croak During Wedding Ceremony, He’s Objecting

posted by Mauricio Castillo - 

When I finished watching the video below, I was left asking myself a single question: Did the wedding planner know there were giant frogs who might croak in the area?

Because — at least in my opinion — the immensity of the croak you’re about to hear simply must belong to the largest of frogs and toads you or I have ever seen.

Perhaps it belonged to the king of all frogs and toads, who felt disrespected by a wedding on his land?

OK, maybe that sounds a lot more like the plot of a Disney movie than what happens in the video, but once you hear the aforementioned croak, you’ll understand what I mean.

The clip shows a wedding ceremony taking place outdoors, in front of a lake on a beautiful day. The officiant of the wedding is guiding the couple through their vows as everyone in attendance looks on. And then, the croak occurs.

As mentioned above, it isn’t just any old croak. This is a strange, deep baritone of a ribbit. Now, the frog in question never reveals himself, but he does make sure to croak multiple times for good measure!

By this point, everyone in the ceremony has begun to laugh. The officiant can only look around before remarking, “Well, I normally don’t ask if anyone objects to this, but…”

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Photo: Little Things


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