Y96.9 would like to salute this Air Force Lt. Col. Dale Lee Bastin. Lt. Col Bastin was nominated by his daughter Mariah Bastin who submitted the following letter with her nomination.

This solider is more than what you may see in his picture, but his photo is a good place to start. My father helped the people of Afghanistan with the sympathy and knowledge that we are all humans. Protecting their children and keeping an open mind made him the hero of anyone who met him. My father may not have lost a limb but he lost something else in the process. He lost a year\'s worth of time he could never get back and he lost a barrier. A barrier which led him to believe in the cause that we all fight for: freedom and peace. My father took up the arms of peace and sacrificed himself for the betterment of the world. In addition, I never heard him complain although I know that I did make up for his lack thereof. Once I asked why he did what he did, knowing that he may never come back and his reply was simple but full of power: \"it is my duty and honor to protect my country...plus I need to step up and do what must be done...\". I have never known my father to do anything but the right thing and even now he continues to support his fellow Veterans and airman as often as he can. It all comes down to the fact that this solider is selfless, honest and true. He will forever be my hero.

-Mariah Bastin

Photo: KCCY-FM (Val, Mariah Bastin, Lt. Col. Dale Lee Bastin, Willie) 

Y96.9 would like to thank Lt. Col. Dale Lee Bastin and his family, as well as all who have served and are currently serving our country for all their dedication, work, and sacrifice. Thank you.

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