"Glee" is paying tribute to the late Cory Monteith by remembering all the qualities he shared with his character, Finn Hudson. 

Thursday's episode, called "The Quarterback," looked back on Finn's history at McKinley High as its students, teachers and graduates reunited to mourn together.  Lea Michele, who was Cory's girlfriend on and off screen, gave a tearful speech to a packed choir room before singing "Make You Feel My Love." 

The Fox show chose not to reveal how Finn died, starting the episode several weeks after the character's funeral.  The episode started with Chris Colfer's Kurt - who was Finn's stepbrother - speaking about how "everyone wants to talk about how he died," but he only cares about "how he lived."  The characters revisited their pasts with Finn.  Jane Lynch's Sue confessed that she regretted never telling him that he was a good kid, and Mark Salling's Puck struggled with losing his friend who always taught him to be better.  

Kurt gifted Santana with Finn's letterman jacket, and when it was stolen the glee club blamed it on Puck.  At the end of the episode, Matthew Morrison's Mr. Schue was exposed as taking  Finn's passing very hard.  Schue was a mentor to Finn, and the teacher sobbed into the jacket in the episode's last scene.  Mr. Schue and Rachel shared a moment together as well, hanging up a photo of Finn in the choir room, with a plaque that read, "The show must go on. All over the place... or something." 

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