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Actress Ashley Judd claims a tracking device discovered on her car last month was the work of her sister, Wynonna. 

ABC News says the police report of the incident shows that Ashley told two different police officers she believed the country singer was behind the wireless GPS.  The report also states that Ashley and Wy are involved in an "ongoing custody dispute" over the car's unnamed female driver. 

Ashley claimed that she "had custody" of the driver, and that the device was an attempt to "track their movement."  The Tennessee police investigation led to a private investigator who was "working for Wynonna Judd," who allegedly gave the device to Wy who passed it along to her ex-husband Arch Kelley, who is said to have placed it on Ashley's car.  Kelley is denying any involvement in the matter. 

While Wy isn't commenting to ABC, says the singer has admitted to installing the device.  Her lawyer reportedly told police that the driver was Wy's daughter, and that she's trying to keep track of the girl's whereabouts.  According to ABC, authorities are no longer actively pursuing the matter. 

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