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(Yahoo!) - "See You Tonight"...or see you in court? Looks like it's the latter for Scotty McCreery. The season 10 "American Idol" champion has just been hit with a lawsuit by a former manager, allegedly for failure to pay up his fees.

According to the Nashville Post, music industry veteran Todd Cassetty signed McCreery to his newly formed Cassetty Entertainment back in October 2012. McCreery, who had formerly been contractually obligated to XIX Entertainmentfor a period of time following his "Idol" win, agreed to hop on board as the new venture's first artist as soon as he was a free agent. However, according to Cassetty, the singer never formalized the deal.

Cassetty alleges he went ahead and assumed management duties anyway after receiving an email from the singer's mom, in which she stated he was "unofficially official" the new manager. He then claims he was "strung along for months" and received conflicting offers for compensation — McCreery initially saying he'd give 15% of all gross revenues (a standard amount), and then his mother saying only 2%.

At any rate, Cassetty alleges he was never paid for services rendered, and that McCreery continued to put off formally legalizing the management deal.

McCreery's lawyer had no comment, but the singer himself responded to the suit this week in a statement: "There is no truth to these allegations. I have offered to pay Todd more than once, but he wanted an unreasonable amount for only five months of work. Anyone who knows me knows how I conduct myself, so I am not worried they will believe any of this. This is just an attempt to embarrass me and my family. The facts will come out when we have our day in court."


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