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Florida Georgia Line have already made a hit song with Nelly ... but there's another pop/hip-hop artist they wouldn't mind working with: Rihanna.

They guys have revealed before that they would love to collaborate with Rihanna on "The Boxer Show" ... and since they've been back in the studio, the guys were asked if they got to turn their wish into a reality while at the iHeartRadio Country Festival in Austin, Texas.

"I don't think we've necessarily found a song yet, but if one comes across, [and] we write one that seems like something she may be interested [in], maybe reach out. But we got a little something up our sleeve here coming up, hopefully in the next couple weeks. It's kind of a dream come true."

What could it be?!

The duo also revealed their pre-show ritual before they hit the stage. "We do an 'In with the good, out with the bad,' then a prayer, and then there is usually some Fireball involved with that ritual."

The guys also said they are already working on their next record!

"We're excited, we got a bunch of cool songs we've been writing, and some outside stuff as well. It feels good to get back in the studio, and kind of bring some songs alive."

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